12 Common Cooking Mistakes That May Ruin Your Best Recipe

4. Frying with olive oil

At high temperatures olive oil loses all of its nutritional value and starts to burn, and that can ruin the taste of your food completely. Therefore, it’s a better idea to use olive oil for salads and refined sunflower oil for frying.

5. Measuring the amount of dry ingredients using a glass

Many of us measure the quantity of the ingredients for dough using a glass or a cup without paying much attention to the fact that it holds different volumes of dry and liquid products. Remember: baking requires exact compliance with the given measurements. Therefore, if you don’t remember all the tables of weights and measures by heart, try using a special measuring cup and kitchen scales.

6. Not preheating the pan enough before cooking

The top chefs say, ‘If you think that your pan is already hot enough, wait for another two minutes and proceed to cook after that.’ You will definitely need a well-preheated frying pan to cook vegetables and to get that crispy crust on meat.

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